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Adversity is no respecter of persons.  If you are alive and breathing, you will face adversity. Young people may often feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges and difficulties. For some, the future seems grim at best and some feel they have no future.

Christopher Bianez became acquainted with adversity at an early age. His childhood dream to be a police officer and make the world drug-free was shattered, at the age of 12, when he discovered that his parents were drug addicts. Six heartbreaking and challenging years followed which included Christopher spending a few days in jail for running away from home, living in several foster homes, and not being able to see his parents or most of his siblings until he was 18-years old.

Despite these challenges, Christopher, not only survived but, thrived. He controlled the things he could control and set and accomplished goals. In high school, he was an undefeated spring board diving champion and a Southern California State Gymnastic champion on the horizontal bar. Christopher received a full-ride, double-athletic scholarship for gymnastics and diving. He graduated from college and in 1997 realized his childhood dream when he became a police officer.

For the past two decades, Bianez has inspired hundreds of thousands of youth to press forward through difficulties and challenges to accomplish their goals. This inspiring message reminds all that it is not where you come from, but where you are going that matters!

In his signature story, Officer Bianez guides the youth to the life lessons he learned along the way and ultimately the students discover that they, too, can Face Adversity with Fortitude!

Students learn:

  • They can move past negative experiences and create a positive life.
  • An important strategy to take control of their lives.
  • The key to Facing Adversity with Fortitude.


Did you know that there are certain attributes criminals look for in their next victims? You will learn the best thing you can do to keep yourself SAFE, and how to be a less-attractive target.

Participates will learn:

  • How to tell the difference between a decent human being and a dangerous criminal
  • The best thing you can do to keep yourself SAFE
  • Three crucial safety rules
  • Three safety strategies to greatly reduce the odds that a criminal will select you to be his next victim


In the United States, burglary offenses costs victims an estimated $4.3 billion in lost property, with an average dollar loss per burglary offense at $1,991. Burglary alarms are good, but they are not enough. A burglar alarm does not keep someone out, it just notifies you when you security has been breeched. This seminar will tell you how to make your residence more burglar-resistant.

Participates will learn:

  • The first rule in crime prevention to keep yourself safe
  • How to reinforce the doors to resist forced entry
  • How to reinforce the windows to resist forced entry
  • Safety precautions to take to prevent someone from walking into your residence with no forced entry
  • How to increase the chance of recovering your property in the event it is stolen


The Federal Trade Commission estimates that as many as 9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year. Identity theft occurs when someone uses your personally identifying information, like your name, Social Security number, or credit card number, without your permission, to commit fraud or other crimes.

Participates will learn:

  • How thieves steal your identity?
  • What thieves do with a stolen identity?
  • How you find out if your identity was stolen?
  • What you should do if your identity is stolen?
  • How to help prevent being a victim of identity theft
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Christopher Bianez is passionate about helping individuals increase their safety for their families.

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